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Hi, I’m Ricky. I’m one of the programme’s counsellors. On this page you’ll find out a little more about me and what I do.

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Fat chance of losing weight?

One of the most common areas of help I get asked for is in losing weight. The key is that it’s not just about shedding pounds but about gaining a positive attitude.

As well as working on the Trisha show I’ve also worked with clients in private practise for over 14 years and helped hundreds to lose weight.

Most of it is about forming a new self image of who you want to become, and getting the correct positive motivation to become that person.

If you find you’re struggling with weight there are a few things you can begin to do. Firstly have a good honest look at what you are eating and what you’re not eating.

Make a diary; are their any patterns to your eating? Does the diary show you eat more when stressed? Bored? Tired? These are what’s called your ‘triggers’.

If there’s a number of common triggers like boredom or stress then at some point these issues need to be dealt with. This can be with help of a therapist or sitting down by yourself and making plans to avoid these triggers.

Check out this technique for getting rid of your chocolate craving. This can also work for any other food you crave.



Motivation is key to succeeding with weight loss. Most people motivate themselves by focusing on what they want to get rid of but I believe its better to focus on what you will gain.
You need to have a clear picture in mind of how you realistically want to look in the future and keep reminding yourself of the benefits of achieving this, such as greater confidence, less self conscious and having more energy for instance. Weight loss has to be taken seriously and often requires setting long term goals. To lose weight slowly is generally the best approach as it stays off.

Remember you are losing weight for you and you’re the one deciding what you put into your body and how much.

Any health issues should be addressed by a Doctor and do get regular health checks.
Most of all enjoy it ! Find ways to make it fun for you and it will be all the easier.

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Ricky gets ANGRY!

I’ve been helping angry guests on the Trisha show and angry clients in my private work for over 14 years now and have learnt many fast and effective techniques for releasing anger. Below are some of the most common questions I get asked and my tips for keeping calm.

Why do people get angry?
Anger is often about control. Generally a person who gets angry as feels they’ve lost control of a situation or event. A classic example being road rage. Mostly people feel at the time they are justified in their anger.

I get angry but is it really a problem?
Anger is a problem if it’s affecting work or relationships. The first step is to admit that yes there is a problem with anger. The person has to either realise that anger is causing them a problem or others in their life a problem.

I know I have an anger problem but what can I do to stop it?
Learning what situations trigger your anger is essential to begin with and then that means you can find ways to try to avoid them. Some can benefit from channelling that anger in a sport or even a martial art.

Is there anything I can do quickly to calm myself down?
One quick effective way of removing anger is to breathe out sharply so the chest collapses with no air in it. This removes tension in muscles which is opposite of the tension that come with anger.

Having a good tune to play in your head or sing to yourself at times of feeling angry can help to break up habitual reactions or diffuse the situation for yourself. Practise well before you face any situation.

Take a look at this demonstration which can help.


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